Industrial Training Institute  

About Shri K. Krishnaswamy Naidu Industrial Training Institute

This institution was started in the Year August 1989 with Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) Trade affiliated by The DGET, New Delhi and DET, Chennai. This institution is the one organized full in full only for the Automobile Engineering Field.


The Lab (Work shop) contains many different kind of Vehicles, Engines, Power Trains, Machineries, Equipments, Tools and Special Accessories like Maruti, Tata-Indica, HM-Ambassador, Cadilac,Vaxhaul, Fiat Auto, Matra, Nissan, Skoda, Kirloskar Cummins, Premier Padmini, Ford, Tafe and Leyland etc. The Equipments and machineries like Marking Table, Surface Plate, Drilling machine, Valve Re facer, Double Ended Grinder, Spark Plug Cleaning & Testing Equipment, Battery Charger, Compressor and Hydraulic Plat form etc. are provided with heavy investment without considering financial re coop. Many general tool items and special tools for various job operations are provided for endeavor training to the pupils. It is very well known that, the items available here are very much precious things.


Few years back a Team of Students from Canada with their Head of Department visited to this institute and was surprised looking the infrastructure set up of this institution, and very much appreciated us.

First batch of the pupils were gone out through this institute on July 1991 with 90 % of successful completion. Till this date Eighteen batch of pupils gone out through this institution and settled well.